We offer a few services that you can add to your “Day-of” package that can make your life a little bit easier. We have found that these extra details are often forgotten or cast aside in the chaos of planning the actual day, but are crucial to the success of the wedding.
This is a fantastic service that takes the stress off of your mind as the event approaches. There can be several vendors contributing to your upcoming event and people often underestimate how much information and communication is required one month prior to the event. Payment details, timeline review, additions or changes, site tours, etc. These are all things that your vendors need to ensure your event goes well. We are organizers and problem solvers, and we would love to take this task on!
If you are especially worried that the ceremony will not go as planned, let us organize a rehearsal on-site. This will allow everyone in your bridal party to see exactly how the process works in the location of the ceremony. Some people just need to be told where and when to perform their task and the rehearsal is an amazing tool to make that happen. The rehearsal can be an event of its own! Many families and friends participate in the rehearsal and make a night of it, so by all means give us a call and you can just have fun with it!


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